Tommy Mintz 
Photosynthetic Methodologies

Digital Photo Collages

Photographed with film, scanned, then assembled by hand; pixel by pixel, using Corel Photo Paint. 1998 -- 2004

Artist Statement c. 1998

Visual perception and memory are not fluid.
Instead, our perceptions are of static moments linked closely
to create the illusion of smooth motion.
We normally observe in quick glances.
The eye moves jerkily. Sight is smoothed by the brain.
The longer that a visual perception is in memory, parts fade,
and the more evident it becomes that it is only a composition
of distinct static impressions.
Some impressions remain in our memory while others disappear.
The impressions that stay in memory,
ephemeral arrangements of one's surroundings, are arbitrary.
Our sense of self is based on these impressions.
Our actions are dictated by past observations - experiences, actions and their effect.
Our observations are who we are.
We are creatures of memory.
Today we are besieged by repetitive exposure to simple images in the media.
The memory of our own observations can be overwhelmed by the media's onslaught.
Our memory, and sense of self has been numbed by this.
I work to reenforce my sense of being by creating images of observation.
I hope to help others notice and remember more
than the images media throws at them.
Look around and observe, notice that each moment is different.
In my work I question the idea of permanent occupation of space and time.
When we move through our environment we have subjective perceptions,
constantly changing perspectives and views
of our surroundings and those who share our space.
Observe, all things are relative, and as one moves, things change.
We all know this on an instinctive level. Notice it.
I shoot multiple images of my surroundings and combine them to create single
images that encompass multiple moments, observations of the ephemeral in everyday,
memories of being.